>when your crush does not have a crush on you

babylizard replied to your post: i really need to know this

that one that looks like a lizard or a shark?? ive been wondering this too. i have a lot of yaoi pedal questions

if this is the guy ur talkin abt ya

i’m so creeped out but at the same time drawn to him

i feel like hes not human (also it’s rlly good if u like sports anime and gayness i thikn u would like it)

i really need to know this

is the smiley wide eye dude from yowamushi pedal human

is this anime gonna take some freaky alien twist


PROOF that the cis are evil



He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

She has Nemo on her dress.

Violet has murder in her eyes. 




*puts my bro’s dick in my hand*

see, its a metaphor. it’s only gay if i jack it

See, I never jacked it, only put in in the middle of my hand. It can turn me gay but I’m not giving it the power to. A metaphor.


who has mine craft for ps3 and wants to play I’m bored and have nothing left in life and the ony thing I can think to do is play this shitty game

most annoying thing in the world to me is when people make spelling errors in text and then like correct themselves with another text idk why that annoys me it pisses me off so much tho


this is so dumb looking i want it

do they not make cruiser bikes that aren’t either ugly bright blue or ugly dark purple with ugly pink flowers 

i’m trying to find a cheap but not shitty bike online 

did you know bikes have genders 

all of the third years in yowamushi pedal are so hot wtf